Bitmedia is Revolutionizing Advertising for Crypto Projects!


For crypto projects, securing the right advertising space is crucial. The right placement can launch a project to fame, market success and profits, while poor placements lead to failure and a loss of funds. Likewise, website owners need to monetize the crypto traffic their assets generate. And selecting the right partner for it is a process that always decides the fate of the publication.

So, what is crypto advertising and how is Bitmedia shaking up the space to make Bitcoin advertising so profitable? Thanks to advanced tools, a hands-on approach and industry veterans, the platform is able to give clients an unmatched crypto display ad experience.

What Are Crypto Ad Networks?

Crypto ad networks and Bitcoin ads have been around for quite some time now. Bitmedia launched back in 2014 as one of the first display ad networks that accepted cryptocurrency. Crypto ad networks work in the same way that fiat ad networks do, in that they work with a wide range of publishers to ensure that display ads have the best potential to convert. Only that a crypto ad network focuses on crypto traffic.

This means that when you use a Bitcoin ad network, such as Bitmedia, you know that people interested in crypto will be viewing your ads. You can also  pay for your ads with crypto, making it an end-to-end crypto experience.

What is Bitmedia?

Bitmedia is a London-based company that prides itself on quality. The platform was built from the ground up by big-data experts and high-load marketing veterans. By utilizing a smart algorithm that shows relevant ads to relevant users, Bitmedia gives you access to high value leads through its network of over 6000 publishers.

With advanced tools such as ad frequency capping, CPM and CPC campaigns, enhanced analytics that feed into Google Sheets, dynamic geotargeting filters, publisher whitelisting and more, Bitmedia gives you all the tools you need to succeed!


Why Do I Need a Crypto Ad Network?

Crypto ad networks allow you to unlock high-quality crypto related traffic, which is essential if you’re looking to promote your crypto project. You already know that the audience will be crypto-focused, so every single user that views your ads will already be interested in crypto, giving them a better chance at converting.

Crypto advertising networks also allow you to get around the strict rules and regulations that traditional display ad networks have in place. For example, Facebook and Google ban certain types of ads based on the text in the ads and this makes blockchain advertising on the aforementioned platforms near impossible. These filters are very harsh and will often ban ads that don’t break any of the rules, which is frustrating when you’re trying to promote your Bitcoin banners.

Fortunately, crypto ad networks don’t have this issue. As long as it’s legal and not breaking any laws, then ads are fine to run. Whether you’re advertising your new crypto trading platform, a crypto casino, a hot new NFT, your project’s launch or anything else, crypto ad networks will make it happen.

Why Bitmedia?

Crypto ad networks are a dime a dozen, but there are a handful that standout as the best thanks to their advanced tools, features and insights. Bitmedia sits atop the industry as the oldest, most established and most battle tested. Bitmedia is the only crypto ad platform that offers ad frequency capping, which is a major advantage for advertisers. Being able to cap the number of times a user can see an advert in a given time frame prevents ad fatigue, a major issue for display advertisers.

The platform has an unmatched suite of tools that let you refine your campaigns on the fly, and a dedicated team of experts that are on-hand and ready to jump in and help optimize your campaign. Bitmedia’s marketing gurus can jump in and help you to fine tune your publisher whitelist, adjust time of day to improve efficiency and help setup advanced geo filters to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Nevertheless, for those who prefer to set their campaigns solo, the platform’s blog is filled with crypto marketing insights that can make your ads stand out. In fact, they have recently published a series of articles on DeFi marketing, that includes pre-launch, launch and post-launch stages of a DeFi project. 


Start Your Crypto Display Ad Campaign!

If you’re still on the fence or have more questions, the Bitmedia support team is on hand 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, or to help you start your campaign. Supercharge your crypto project’s crypto ad campaign and team up with Bitmedia – the number one name in crypto display ads!

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