BSCPad and TRON partner to launch TRONPAD


Decentralized IDO platform for the Binance Smart Chain Network BSCPad has entered into a partnership with the popular blockchain protocol TRON to launch TRONPAD. Together, BSCPad and TRON will build the first-ever native IDO launchpad that will be developed on the TRON network. 

Over time, BSCPad has been making efforts to improve its mechanics. The decentralized platform is also evolving to reward all token holders, up from the top 1 percent. The upcoming TRONPAD will also be designed to allow all traders to invest in the anticipated TRON blockchain projects. 

The partnership aims to build TRONPAD similar to BSCPad

The blockchain giants plan to build TRONPAD similarly to BSCPad, which is the largest launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain. Like BSCPad, TRONPAD will support fair decentralized launches via a tiered structure. In other words, the higher the tiered access users will have to upcoming IDOs on the platform is dependent on the native launchpad tokens they delegate to stake or hold. Users who have higher tier access have more chances to get access to the newly minted IDO tokens than users who delegate low amounts. 

TRON founder and CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun, commented on the strategic partnership, stating:

The BSCPad team is very strong and knowledgeable, they consist of some of the top players in the space. We are looking forward to taking this collaboration to new heights. As the hyper adoption of crypto continues to explode, TRONPAD will serve as a fair IDO platform for projects launching on the TRON blockchain.

After BSCPad’s inception in March, Binance Smart Chain has seen significant growth in its user adoption. Since the launch, BSC unique wallets have grown to over 21 million. In addition, daily transactions surged by 5 million. BSCPad’s success can be attributed to several successful IDOs. The partnership aims for similar exponential growth as TRONPad will attract more audiences to invest in TRON projects. 

TRONPad to be the “most powerful global IDO platform”

The co-founder of BSCPad, Godzilla, expressed excitement about the collaboration with the TRON team. Godzilla noted that the partnership would develop a first-of-its-kind native IDO platform. Speaking further, the co-founder added:

We believe that providing users with a predictable and provably fair system gives users the proper incentives to accumulate and hold tokens and support each and every project launched.

As one of the largest blockchain protocols in the world, TRON handles more than 3 million transactions daily. 

The blockchain behemoth said that it would join forces to “build the most powerful global marketing and IDO platform in the world.” 

Sun recently bought 4,145 Bitcoins worth $152,818,183. The TRON CEO made the BTC acquisition when the whole crypto market was in a freefall. Sun said in a tweet that he got the Bitcoin at an average price of $36,868. Additionally, the CEO acquired 54,153 ETH, showing his bullishness on the top two cryptocurrencies. Sun purchased the Ether at an average price of $2,509, totaling $135,891,796. Since Sun made his acquisition, the prices of BTC and ETH have increased as Bitcoin now trades at $38,525, while Ether is currency at $2,638. 

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