Highlights of Ethereum project roadmap for Q3 after major upgrade


The Ethereum.org Project Roadmap for Q3 of 2021 has been published. Posted in the Ethereum space on Github, the roadmap outlines progress made in Ethereum network upgrades, Layer 2 (L2) projects, developer tools and user applications among others. It details progress made in these areas since the last project roadmap was published on April 14. Some of the recent updates include:

CLR funding for Ethereum 2 projects

Work on new funding mechanisms for public goods is underway. Potential applications are not limited to the Ethereum network and crypto. Part of the post reads

While not directly related to ethereum.org, our team is part of the Ethereum Foundation, which is one of the largest funders of grants and public goods within the ecosystem. We want to increase the cultural momentum around ecosystem funding for public goods as well as experiment with mechanisms in which support is allocated to the ecosystem.

Q2 work on launching a CLR.fund round to support Eth2 projects on a Layer 2 mainnet (built on the Ethereum mainnet or Layer 1) is expected to be complete by the end of this quarter. This ongoing work could help the ethereum.org team stay abreast with developments in tools, tech and techniques in the world of dApp development.

Website translation program

In the first quarter of this year, ethereum.org was available in almost 10 languages. The Q2 goal was to get to more than 30 languages. According to the Q3 roadmap report, the website currently supports 35 languages. Because of constant updates to web content, the goal for Q3 is to update more than 20 translations that have fallen behind. To improve the quality of work done by the team of over 1,400 volunteer translators, there are plans by the Translation Program Lead to improve supporting documentation and translation tools.

Community growth

The success of the ecosystem is largely dependent on the many contributors. These may be translators as seen above, developers, copywriters, designers and others with experience ranging from amateur to expert. The Community Lead has some yet-to-be-announced initiatives specifically directed at supporting and empowering the ethereum.org community.

Upcoming London hard fork

The ethereum network will undergo a hard fork on August 4. Dubbed the “London Hard Fork”, this upgrade is a step closer to the release of Ethereum 2.0 which will bring about a more efficient proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol to replace the current proof-of-work (PoW). The update includes five EIPs. The most popular of these being the EIP 1559 and the EIP 3554. The former is expected to make ETH less inflationary due to its new fee structure that burns part of the fees. This particular proposal was met with backlash because of its potential to reduce miner revenue. EIP 3554 is expected to “freeze” the current PoW system ahead of the impending PoS upgrade.

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