to launch “CoinMarketCap” of memes following $6 million funding

The platform is going live after securing more than $6 million worth of funding. The platform, with its CoinMarketCap features, will blend the cultural power of memes with crypto-economics to enable users to buy and sell Meme Tokens. is self-described as “if Wikipedia and Dogecoin had a baby. A place where people explore different memes and trends on the internet. It’s a way for people that create content and memes on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, to explore the meme economy, enabling them to monetize their creations.”

Creators and buyers will first need to own’s native token, Memecoin ($MEM) after which they can create, buy or sell tokens whose value is determined by internet trends.

-Co-founder Mattias Tyrberg or ‘Sir Stonks’ at noted;

We want to create a place where people who are into a specific meme could get together and help each other to develop and help spread that meme further. Around each meme token, there is a club where people help each other to empower the meme.

To ensure that the platform operates as intended, seven Meme Tokens aptly named the “Genesis Tokens” will be gradually released over a couple of weeks. The Genesis tokens are “This is fine”, “Distracted Boyfriend”, “Wojak”, “Pepe”, “Hide the Pain Harold”, “KEK” and “Doge”.

The platform will also have a meme club feature to support the Genesis tokens and enable users to aid each other in improving each meme. Speaking to the development, Johan Unger, ‘Ancient Alien’ at stated;

We aim to build communities around each meme and want to empower all parts from the creation of the meme to the remixing and the spread. Memes that are most successful are those that have a powerful community behind them.

In a bid to improve user acquisition and meme engagement, the platform will also introduce quests that will allow the community to compete for incentives. Upon successful completion of quests, users will receive a rare NFTs.

Once beta testing is complete, will add more features to the platform to help creators and supporters monetise while having fun.

In May, it was reported that had successfully completed a funding round with the help of venture capital funds Outlier Ventures, Digital Finance Group, Morningstar, Blockhype, Spark Digital Capital among others. Angel investors were Gabby Dizon, the CEO of Altitude Games and Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon Co-founder.

With the increased mainstream adoption of meme coins and NFTs, aims to connect the two worlds in a way that can be profitable for creators. “We believe that memes and meme markets, such as, are a promising and innovative way to empower users who find or create trends,” said Joanna Liang, head of investment at Digital Finance Group.

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