VeChain is building a government traceability platform in Inner Mongolia


The VeChain Foundation sees the new platform as a big step forward for the foundation and the entire blockchain ecosystem. In a tweet, the foundation announced:

“We are proud to announce that the government of Inner Mongolia, China, has chosen VeChainThor to operate a massive, full traceability platform. This milestone, a government-led project, is a big step forward for VeChain and the widespread introduction of blockchain. “



Since the first policy measures in 2004, the Chinese government has worked hard to improve the surveillance, traceability and safety of the national food and beverage industry. The focus on this critical sector has only increased since then. Successive policy updates have raised the benchmarks for the industry to ensure high standards and prevent incidents of fraud and foodborne diseases.

In recent years, the focus has been on incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, IoT and big data, with regional governments tasked with developing comprehensive systems that incorporate these elements.

Regional governments respond positively

In January 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture published the Rural Digital Development Plan for 2019-2025, which stated that blockchain technology should be introduced and implemented to meet the needs of the agricultural sector development. In early 2021, rice, millet, sunflower, beef and lamb from the Ongnuid Banner region were approved as geographically labeled products.

Accordingly, VeChain’s blockchain solution will be applied to these products on an ongoing basis. The Office of Market Surveillance and the Office of Agriculture and Livestock will also use the traceability platform to support outstanding local businesses, cultivate rural brands and demonstrate the quality of local produce. So far, 12 companies have been successfully connected to the agricultural traceability platform, the first group of traders supported by the platform.

The success of the initial implementation confirms the cost efficiency and performance of the solution, as well as its suitability for meeting strict government regulations. Therefore, the platform will add more companies and product lines in the coming years. The platform is expected to be the second largest in terms of network activity after Walmart’s traceability platform, with transactions being generated at every stage of the process.

The VeChain solution is now serving as a benchmark and model project across China, particularly for regions looking to build their own traceability platforms that are in line with government policy.

The solution is tailored to the needs of those involved with customized user interfaces:


The regional government gets an overview of details from the entire supply chain, including the location of companies / factories, marketing / sales / distribution of products, quality assurance data and additional information such as warnings or messages about products, for example in the event of product recalls, which enables a quick response enables.


Companies can log in and manage their entire range of products in the chain, upload data on operations throughout the supply chain and review historical data.The platform was deliberately designed so that entry and use are easy, with clearly labeled catalogs and instructions that serve to significantly lower the hurdles for rural companies. Vechain’s ToolChain enables the mass adoption of blockchain, a technology that is often associated with high complexity, even in rural areas.

Consumers and end users:

For the end user there is a very detailed landing page that provides an overview of company profiles, product details, the production process, quality test reports, the traceability of the ingredients and the TXID of the item in the chain.

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